On July 21st, Montgomery County Public Schools sent out a message which stated that the first semester will be completed entirely through online learning due to the corona virus pandemic. This message also explained that in order to ensure the safety of the people of our county, all fall and winter sports must be cancelled. This hit our students athletes very hard; along with the general devastation of no longer having fall and winter sports, questions surrounding college recruiting arose. With no game film at all for both the fall and winter seasons, the recruiting process of many student athletes came to a sudden halt. 

Throughout recruiting, game film is crucial in order to gain the interest of college coaches. B-CC junior, Spencer Upston, one of the captains of the varsity football team, said, “I will not have the opportunity to get film for coaches to watch my junior season, which is a super important season for recruiting”. This is the case for many other athletes in both fall and winter sports. Kerry Ellis, a junior at B-CC and varsity soccer and basketball player, explained, “The cancellation of sports has definitely made the recruiting process harder because I don’t have any film to send out to colleges. I have to be more proactive and self motivated.” Due to the fact that there are no games for college scouts to attend, the players are forced to try to gain the interest of college coaches by sending old film, which of course doesn’t portray their current athletic ability. 

This means that there are only really two ways for recruiting to continue, the first is to send old film to coaches and continue to keep in touch and the second is through outside travel teams and camps. B-CC junior, Alexander Colle, a varsity basketball player, said, “Thankfully for me, because I play basketball, we have the nationwide AAU league which almost every college sends scouts to. So, as long as the upcoming season doesn’t get cancelled, I’ll be playing with my AAU team.” This creates a very efficient method for colleges to scout players. These leagues and tournaments have implemented very strict social distancing and other sanitation rules which allow them to not get cancelled. This is evident with Noah Messer, a junior at B-CC, stated that, “I currently play with an academy so luckily for me, a lot of colleges have seen me in the past. Even though we still are having games and tournaments, there are less scouts due to the pandemic.” Almost all of the other sports which were cancelled have opportunities like this for players; although there are some examples of sports that don’t, those are Cross Country (fall) and Indoor Track(winter). B-CC senior, Jake McCarty, the top Boys Cross Country and long distance Indoor Track runner, said that he will compete in “official solo races for time” and send those times to colleges. 

These are strange times for sports and recruiting all around the country. Jack Lavorel, a senior at B-CC and varsity soccer player, said, “Throughout this whole thing, I have tried to keep a positive mindset. In my opinion, there is no need to complain or pout about the situation, because everybody is going through the same thing, and we are going to get through it together as well.” Student athletes at B-CC and many schools around the country are all facing this recruiting dilemma. Although fall and winter sports have been cancelled, it is important to remember that all colleges and players are being affected so everyone is on an even playing field recruiting wise.