By: Olivia Bresnicky

As the presidential election approaches this fall, it is important for students to play their part in the political process. The B-CC community and the entire nation is impacted by key issues such as gun control, women’s rights, healthcare, and climate change that will be affected by the outcome of this election. 

There are many ways for underage students to get their voices heard in the election. The first step is educating yourself on the candidates, issues, and conversations going on. By doing this, you can use that knowledge to help inform others about topics you feel passionate about. 

Even though you may not be able to directly vote, you can influence how others vote. It’s important to spread reliable information about candidates’ stances on issues, evaluate different news sources to gain a well-rounded perspective, and share your views to those who can directly impact policy. 

Another step you can take is to talk to family and friends about the election and encourage their participation. Make sure that they are registered and know where polling stations are near them. Some polling stations even allow teens to volunteer and help others with the voting process—a good opportunity for all of us to get involved in the election. 

Not only will this election positively or negatively affect us now, but may affect the future generations to come. America’s youth need to get their voices heard and their actions seen to engage elections, especially with how impactful the 2020 election will be.