By: Connor Sapin

The NHL has evolved into one of the leaders in COVID-19 protocols and how to run it successfully. With their strict policies, not a single player has tested positive in over 3 weeks, resulting in a very successful restart. 

Using the NBA’s plan, fans have been able to watch and enjoy their favorite teams compete for the sports ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup. Bubble life isn’t as miserable as people may imagine. There are two sites based in Canada; one in Edmonton for the Western Conference and one in Toronto for the Eastern Conference. Besides practices and games, each organization has the opportunity to reserve time in local soccer stadiums where they are free to participate in low stress activities with their coaches and teammates. 

At the hotel, there are an assortment of games such as cornhole and horseshoe. When players don’t have the urge to go outside, the majority of players have brought their gaming consoles where they can play their favorite games online. A big topic that is always discussed is each player’s food situation. At each site, there are 2 options in which they can obtain their daily meals. First and the most common is using the hotel restaurant that is open all day for players. Another option for all is ordering through a variety of apps to get the local delicacies. But, with that option, the players themselves can’t meet the drivers and have to send an assistant to get their meals for them. Overall it has been a great success, and has led to numerous big time games and matchups. After the wedding matches took place, the bracket was set up and so began the playoffs. WIth the NHL in full swing, teams are beginning their second round matchups and are starting off with a BANG! In weeks time, the hockey world will have their champion and that team will hoist the glorious Stanley Cup.