By: Matt Cohen

The Washington Redskins. A punch line to save any bad joke. An organization flawed at every level from an owner oblivious to the world around him, to a coach inept at doing his own job.  And as if the situation with DC football could not have gotten worse between the controversy surrounding the racist nature of the team’s name, and the poor team they will put on the field this season, it has all culminated in one horrendous week. The week started out with head coach Jay Gruden’s decision to start previous backup quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins will start over former number two overall draft pick, Robert Griffin III, or more commonly known as RG3. While many fans have called for Cousins to replace RG3, actually doing so shows that the Redskins have given up on a player they acquired by trading away year’s worth of draft picks. Demoting Griffin is especially interesting as Gruden in February, said that Griffin would be the starter. Gruden’s decision was followed by Griffin liking an Instagram post that was bashing the Redskins. Griffing blamed the action on an intern, but considering it is the Redskins, does anyone really know? And yet, if all of this madness wasn’t distracting enough for the team, the Redskins found a way to make the situation worse.

On Wednesday, reports surfaced that Jessica McCloughan, wife of Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan, sent a tweet to an ESPN reporter named Diana Russini. McCloughan accused Russini of engaging in sexual acts with McCloughan’s husband in order to get inside information about the team. The Redskins denied any tweet had been sent and claimed it had come from a fake account. The team called on the NFL to investigate. But, as shocking as this may be, the Redskins were wrong again! It turns out that Ms. McCloughan did send the tweet and apologized to Russini.       

To me, this franchise needs a complete personnel overhaul. Dan Snyder needs to sell the team. His inability to realize the damage the team name is causing is humiliating to the franchise. Plus, he sits atop a front office in complete disarray. A new owner is desperately needed to clean up the franchise. If the allegations against Russini and Scot McCloughlan are true, then he should lose his job. Mr. McCloughlan has already created negative headlines before the Redskins play their first game in his tenure. And as a team that already gets bad press about their on field play, the last thing they need is bad press about the front office. In addition, year after year they are one of the worst teams in the league. And they cannot improve on that as they, until this year, haven’t had a first round draft pick as a result of the RG3 trade. While the lack of draft picks isn’t the players’ fault and more the GM, Griffin has shown no ability to live up to the lofty expectations set for him. Jay Gruden has not been able to coach this team. Hyped as a coach who could turn the offense around, he has instead took the team further in the wrong direction. Gruden should be fired on his inability to have a stable quarterback situation and his utter failure of last season. If the Redskins have moved beyond Griffing they need to release him, and officially hand the keys to the offense to Cousins.

Between the actions of the owner, and the constant issues erupting at all levels of the organization, this is a team that is painful to root for on and off the field. Good luck Redskins fans, it’s finally football season, and you are in for a LONG year.