By Paul Boston

Friday, September 25th, was the day of the annual club fair, where B-CC’s new clubs and old favorites engage in combat to try and recruit the most club members possible. With over 30 clubs showing off at the fair, it’s difficult for one student to see all of the clubs. With this in mind, I went to the club fair with the goal of bringing to light some of the most popular clubs – and some of the clubs you may have missed.

When I first stepped outside, I was immediately met with the lively sounds of people chatting, haggling, and shouting out their wares. It was clear that I had stepped right into the B-CC Bazaar. A brand new but bustling club set up by a young entrepreneur, the B-CC Bazaar was already full of student merchants, selling everything from steaming hot food to expensive furniture to second-hand TI graphing calculators. The B-CC Bazaar was thriving today, surely one of the highlights of the fair, and as long as it continues to attract buyers and keep its sellers, it’s going to be one of the most successful clubs.

After walking away from the bazaar, a bit overwhelmed, I spotted a group on the far side of the club fair wearing dark robes. I curiously made my way over to check out whatever club they were running. “What lies before you,” a hooded man said with pride in a low but strong voice, “is the B-CC Summoning Club…” Sounds interesting! I tried to interview who I assumed to be the club leader, but I could not extract from them what the club’s goal was, how they achieved their summoning, or what they were even trying to summon in the first place. The Summoning Club, with its ominous hooded figures and unclear motives, didn’t get much attention during the fair, but they’re surely one to watch out for. If, or when, they manage to summon whatever they plan to summon, I’m sure their student achievement will make B-CC look great!

I prowled the rest of the clubs showing off at the fair, but none managed to leave an impression as strong as those first two. That changed when I walked by what I had assumed to be an abandoned table, with nothing set up on the top and no people staffing it. Upon closer inspection, there was actually a person hiding under the table. This seemingly deserted table was actually a cover for a hidden club! In a hushed whisper, the person described their real club to me, the B-CC Secret Seinfeld Club. They are an unofficial club/secret society that conducts heavy surveillance of the school, to find out which rooms are empty during lunch. Once a week, their club, which can apparently be as large as 30 people, sneaks into a known empty room, and watches a single episode of Seinfeld. Once the episode’s 22 minutes have passed, the club members leave the room as stealthily as they got in. How long has this club been running, and does it have an ulterior motive? I wasn’t able to get many other details on the club (they do try to remain hidden, after all), but the B-CC Seinfeld Club seems like one of the most interesting and elusive clubs out there.

Checking out all of these clubs confirmed my suspicions: B-CC has a fantastic club network, and this year is surely no exception. Here’s to another great club year!