By Annabel Steele

          Every summer, numerous B-CC students take vacations to various beaches.  A great majority of the students visit the beaches in Delaware, just a couple of hours away.  Two of the popular Delaware destinations are Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach.  Recently, a friend of mine expressed the idea that Rehoboth is better than Bethany.  I’m here to set the record straight.

            Bethany is just better than Rehoboth.  It’s the honest truth.  They’ve got the same quality beach, but Bethany is smaller and therefore quieter than Rehoboth.  In Bethany, you get the same quality beach without the obnoxious tourists, overcrowded streets and constant noise of Rehoboth.

            Rehoboth is big and busy and annoying.  There’s constant traffic and people everywhere.  The boardwalk, while fun, is constantly swamped with people, so you spend more time waiting in line than doing anything else.

            Bethany is small, and it’s perfect that way.  The beaches aren’t as crowded as Rehoboth’s, so you can enjoy them more.  There are mainly the same stores with the same products in both towns, so it’s not like you can buy better souvenirs in Rehoboth.  All you get are more cramped stores with longer lines.

            The best part about Bethany, however, is the fact that you get to enjoy the quieter atmosphere, but you can always drive over and spend the night in Rehoboth if you want.  You can enjoy Rehoboth’s boardwalk and go to Nicola’s Pizza for dinner, but at the end of the day, you’re sleeping in Bethany.  You don’t have to deal with the noise of Rehoboth at night.

            Same quality beach, but a quieter atmosphere with the opportunity to enjoy the perks of Rehoboth?  It’s clear that Bethany is infinitely better than Rehoboth.