(Except none of the above)
A small firecracker-like device was found by a sophomore (whose name will not be released for the sake of his privacy) in one of the cubbies of a desk in Mrs. Lin’s room during Chemistry. Mrs. Lin brought it to Mrs. Ewing’s class whereupon it was described as “small” and “leaking black powder”.

The science teachers brought it to the attention of security. The authorities were alerted and caused quite a stir among the B-CC student populace by pulling up with two K9 units, a squad car, an unmarked car and an unmarked van. No further evidence of any type of explosive device was found on the campus nor was any evidence linking a student to the firecracker. The administration asks that any student with information concerning the firecracker report it to them.

The authorities confirmed that the firecracker was homemade, not store bought, but declined to comment about its potential blast radius or their own suspicions of why it was on campus.

There have been rumors of a sophomore bringing fireworks to school. Any information confirming (or denying) said rumors would, again, be appreciated by the administration.