Skeleton Baron – 2nd Floor


1.       Media Center.  The Media Center is a major location for working on homework both on paper and on the computer.  It’s available during lunch and after school.


2.       Cool classes.  All the best classes are on the second floor merely because of more variety: technology, math, and social studies.  The third floor has all the classes that no one likes such as anatomy and any other science class.  There’s also the foreign language department on the third floor and I dropped Spanish this year!


3.       Exits are closer to you.  The second floor has an exit on it that runs parallel to East-West Highway, a street many students commute on.  The third floor has no exits on it and you have to walk at least one floor to get to one.


4.       More people have lunch on the second floor.


5.       2 is better than 3


6.       Mr. Jacobs is on the second floor.


7.       The counseling office.  What has more swag than the office where sincere adults are there to help you with your problems?  Answer: Nothing…except the second floor.


8.       The college career center is the place to go and guess where it is.  The third floor.  April Fools!  The second floor silly.


9.       The third floor is too high up so you don’t get as good a view of the people if you were to look out a window on the second floor.  So yeah, second floor is best for stalking.


10.   In general the second floor is everyone’s favorite floor of a building.  The first floor has all the boring basics, and then the second floor has everything cool and fun.  Then by the time you reach the third, you’ve already seen it all and the whole place comes off as boring.

Green Baron – 3rd Floor

3rd floor>2nd floor


  • The boy’s bathrooms on the third floor consistently have paper towels along with toilet paper.
  • The Second floor boys bathroom stalls are broken, and they rarely have necessities (paper towels, toilet paper, a stall that locks, and soap, etc.)
  • The third floor has the English hallway, along with the science hallway and foreign language hallway.  The English teachers are the coolest, for example, Mr. Lopilato, Mr. Virden, Ms. Logan, etc.
  • One of the best parts of having classes, or being on the third floor is that Mr. Alimare is the only security guard on duty all of the time on the third floor.  This allows you to get away with anything because if you walk away, he cannot catch you.
  • Mr. Alimare also has a heart of gold.  He is one of the nicest guys that I know, yet there are no cons of him being on the same floor that I am on.  He is there to do his job, but he goes beyond that.  Along with some other security guards, he will help you out with whatever you need.  Any problem that you have, whether it is in School or not, he will always do his best to help.
  • It is less populated on the third floor (less “traffic jams.”)
  • The third floor has the strongest air conditioning and heating system out of any floor in the school.  When it is winter, you will be nice and warm,  while the people on the second floor are cold, and when it becomes spring or summer, it is humid on the second and 4th floor, but not on the third.
  • There is more space, and computer labs on the third floor.