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Geopolitical Climate Change: Taking the temperature of today’s cold wars and hot spots

If you’re like us, you’re confused by where things stand in the current U.S. relationship with North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan and China. Luckily, the Tattler staff has you covered. They have put together a one-of-a-kind evening on foreign policy, with preeminent experts in their respective fields. Please come help us make this an evening to remember.

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Serena’s Match Was Not a Feminist Moment

There is no denying that Serena Williams has overcome a lot of adversity in the past year. A childbirth complication in September of 2017 gave her six blood clots in her lung and a plummeting heart rate, leaving her bedridden for six weeks. Then, after less than a year of recovery, Williams took to the […]

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When School Spirit Turns Exclusive

While B-CC preaches diversity and has been labeled as one of the more inclusive high schools in MCPS, certain friend groups still reign over the social scene—and school pride. School spirit has long been a subject of controversy at B-CC. Traditions like painting the rock, organizing school pep rallies, and wearing senior girls shirts for […]

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Priority Parking

Driving to school is a rite of passage for many high school students. You get a permit at 15 and 9 months, a license at 16 and 6 months, and a parking pass as a high school senior at B-CC. Before this year, the expectation was that any student, within reason, would be able to […]

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Family First in an Iranian Life

As many Barons can attest, being exposed to two different cultures a blessing but it is also quite difficult. My family is from Iran. Both my parents are first-generation immigrants which means they did not grow up “Americanized” as one might call it. Growing up, Iranian culture was seeping out of the walls. My cousins, […]

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The VP Debate is over! The VP candidates' spouses greet them on stage. Doug Emhoff is wearing a mask; Karen Pence is not.

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