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Yes, Guns Kill People

By Conor Byrne The Aurora shooting this summer took the lives of twelve innocent people and injured an additional forty-eight. Yet the twelve deaths that shook the US is a miniscule fraction of the death toll our country suffers every year.  Between 9,000 and 10,000 people are murdered in the U.S. each year due to […]

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New B-CC Spirit Ideas to Replace Color Day

By Marie Houde Hostland After the dangerous behavior exhibited on Color Day last year, Mrs. Lockard banned this long-time school tradition. Now B-CC students and administration are working together to brainstorm new spirit ideas and traditions to replace it. During the first week of school, the administration held assemblies for each grade, in which it […]

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Goodbye McDonalds; Good Riddance?

Until it was closed last week, McDonalds had been a popular lunch spot of B-CC students for many years.  With its prime location, McDonalds was the place to be at lunch for any member of the student body.  This hot spot will become a vacant lot when the restaurant is demolished to become an office […]

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“Learning Cottages” Take Over Tennis Court

The B-CC girls’ tennis team was preparing for the start of its 2012 preseason and looking forward to returning to its six beautiful home courts. Little did they know, this season they would only have five tennis courts. Two flesh colored portables take the place of the sixth court. With the class of 2012 strolling […]

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The VP Debate is over! The VP candidates' spouses greet them on stage. Doug Emhoff is wearing a mask; Karen Pence is not.

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