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Missouri’s Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

By Alyssa Craig On Friday November 7, a federal judge ruled that Missouri’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. Ortie Smith, a US district judge ruled that the ban was against the due process and equal protection clause. The ruling did not go into effect right away because the case was pending possible appeals. Missouri’s […]

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Nobel Laureates Put on a Show

By Daisy Leahy Alfred Nobel once said that the Nobel prize “should be given not for lifetime achievement, but for specific achievements and enhancements in different areas of study”. On Wednesday, October 22nd, two Nobel Laureates, Dr. William D. Phillips and Dr. Thomas C. Schelling, came to B-CC to share their experience of winning the […]

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7 months ago
Tonight: Trust Falls! Closing Panel

6:45pm EST: Hear Congressman Jamie Raskin ( @RepRaskin) speak on the Trust Divide.

7:00pm EST: Polarizing and Paralyzing, with
7 months ago
It’s the last day of Trust Falls!

Check out this thread for today’s talks and speakers!

All from 4-5pm EST. Register here:

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