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Letter to the Editor

By D. A. Villar Dear Editors, It is my monthly pleasure as a B-CC student to read your paper, and one of the most enjoyable sections of your paper are the opinion pages. Usually reasoned and clear presentations, they are typically an exemplar of student journalism. Thus I was shocked to read a piece by […]

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Why Your GPA Matters

By: Zoe Nuechterlein As we finish exams and approach the report card release date, anti-GPA arguments start up again. “Your GPA is meaningless: it does not measure intelligence,” students repeat in an attempt to reassure themselves or as a statement against the school system. But your Grade Point Average says more than you think. I […]

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Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Month

LLS Month 2015 is upon us! This year B-CC has tons of events you can participate in. To learn about all of the events and programs and how to sign up to participate in them, please visit: Here are the list of events: Week 1 Monday, February 2nd- Homeroom Donations Begin! Check out the […]

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Gunmen Attack Paris Newspaper

By Alyssa Craig On Wednesday January 7th, a group of masked gunmen shot and killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper. Top journalists and police officers were among those killed. Four prominent cartoonists were killed, who have drawn cartoons which made fun of Islamic terrorists and the Prophet Muhammad. This is not […]

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Guess that senior

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