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The Start Time Heard Around the World

        (student seen here studying the keyboard)                 The year of 2015 spells change for many students in Montgomery county. In the past students have been known for hating school and even dreading to get up in the morning. Why do you think this is? […]

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Trump America

by Lena Auerbach *Disclaimer: Everything said in this story is satire and reflects the opinions of Donald Trump, not myself It’s a Monday morning. You wake up to the sound of your alarm, the great president Donald Trump reciting his inaugural address, his voice soothing you like sweet honey. You’re late! You push open your […]

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Hippos, Friend or Foe?

Recently, a lot of people have been talking about the hippopotamus. Claims are being made that the hippo is “serene”, and “beautiful”. Let me make one thing abundantly clear. The hippo is a cold blooded killer. They are extremely defensive of both their territory and their youth. Despite their cute appearance, hippos are responsible for […]

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7 months ago
Tonight: Trust Falls! Closing Panel

6:45pm EST: Hear Congressman Jamie Raskin ( @RepRaskin) speak on the Trust Divide.

7:00pm EST: Polarizing and Paralyzing, with
7 months ago
It’s the last day of Trust Falls!

Check out this thread for today’s talks and speakers!

All from 4-5pm EST. Register here:

square offs

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