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Young Love

Sam Hartman Two people, both alike in dignity,  At the lunch table, where we lay our scene, From ancient crush spawns new love suddenly,  Where civil flirts makes civil ears unclean. From forth the painful school of these two, arose A pair of star-crossed lovers that stake their lives. Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with […]

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Killer in BCC (satire)

She lurks around every corner, you see her face when you close her eyes she’s what makes high school students sleep with one eye open. That’s right, it’s Homecoming time! It’s that time of year again. You can almost smell the rejection, or is it the sweat of nervous teens preparing for rejection?     […]

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Swimming Pools to be Built on Mars

by Lena Auerbach We’ve all heard the news… water on Mars! NASA recently announced that the liquid of life was running through the deep sandy valleys of the red planet. For years, Mars has been drier than your ten-year-old’s water bottle after a tough soccer practice. This is an incredible scientific discovery, but as a […]

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B-CC Club Fair: What Did You Miss?

By Paul Boston Friday, September 25th, was the day of the annual club fair, where B-CC’s new clubs and old favorites engage in combat to try and recruit the most club members possible. With over 30 clubs showing off at the fair, it’s difficult for one student to see all of the clubs. With this […]

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Fakeography: Ted Cruz

By Ron Sulla Name: Ted “Easy C” Cruz Age: ~19 Hobbies: Misinterpreting the Constitution, Rollerblading, “those hip hoverboard things” Biggest Asset: Nose. Net Worth: More than you. Notable Accomplishments: Featured in Buzzfeeds “Top 200 Pastiest Skin” article, Kids Choice awards 2013 nominee. (Lost out to Selena Gomez in the “Choice Female Hottie” category). Favorite animal: Donald […]

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