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Geopolitical Climate Change: Taking the temperature of today’s cold wars and hot spots

If you’re like us, you’re confused by where things stand in the current U.S. relationship with North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan and China. Luckily, the Tattler staff has you covered. They have put together a one-of-a-kind evening on foreign policy, with preeminent experts in their respective fields. Please come help us make this an evening to remember.

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Supreme Court Battle Reveals Power of #MeToo Movement

The treatment of sexual assault throughout the years has been regarded very differently depending on the societal norms of that time.  In the past, victims of sexual assault have generally kept silent about their harassment out of fear of social retribution. As recently as two years ago, accusations of sexual assault were trivialized or disregarded […]

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SAT: Socioeconomic Advantage Testing

For most students, applying to college means taking a standardized test. But, an investigation by the Tattler staff found that getting a good score is not standard across the board. Education has become a business, and generally those who are socioeconomically privileged are the ones who succeed. According to the College Board, in 2017, 1.7 […]

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MCPS Supplies Condoms to Every School’s Health Room

Montgomery County has approved the decision to provide free condoms to all of its 26 public high schools. The county displayed an interest in distributing them this year due to the recent spike in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STI rates were higher in 2017 than in 2016, specifically from chlamydia and gonorrhea, according to a […]

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The VP Debate is over! The VP candidates' spouses greet them on stage. Doug Emhoff is wearing a mask; Karen Pence is not.

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