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50 After School Treats Just For You!

Looking for a delicious after school snack? Well here they are 50 yummy after school treats just for you! Ranging from a Nutella delight to Nutty pretzel Wands! They have have a variety of different mini snack pockets too! So head on over and find whats just right for you! Click here to see the article. […]

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Advice About Junior Year From the Seniors

The new school year is upon us. For many, the start of school is a bittersweet occasion. We lament the loss of summer freedom, but we are also excited to see our friends again. Perhaps we even missed school a little bit. The freshmen are probably a little nervous, but they will soon learn that […]

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The Tattoo Trend: How Permanent is it?

I walked through the door and heard the familiar jingle. Excitement crept up my spine as I listened to the buzzing of needles in the background. I had been here twice before for ear piercings, but this was different. This was permanent. I was 17 and there to get my first tattoo. For years I […]

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Students Stunned Over Senior Meeting

On Tuesday August 28th, Mrs. Lockard held the annual senior meeting, but what she had to say and show was a shock to many.  She introduced the meeting by showing a video based off of the short story, “The Lottery,” which builds up suspense until the end when a woman is stoned.  The video began […]

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Guess that senior

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