You Had To Be there: Girls’ Vollyball Against Whitman

Photo By Karen Ventrell




B-CC, September 13


The score was 8 to 14 in the fifth set. All the Whitman Vikings needed was one more point, and the game would be theirs. It seemed like all hope was lost for the Barons Volleyball team.

However, Senior Hannah Mathis stepped up to the serving line and refused to go downwithout a fight. After the game, Mathis said that “the pressure was definitely on, but I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath and served the ball like I always do.” She carried through with a long serving run and the Barons found themselves in a tight game with a score of 12 to 14.

 The next point seemed never ending. The ball was rallied back and forth, with powerful spikes from Marissa Sawicki and Ashley McRae. After Sawicki slammed the ball down, Whitman was unable to return the point and the game was now even closer at 13 to 14.

The next point ended when Sawicki tooled the block, causing the ball to fall in Whitman territory. Hannah Mathis then scored the 15th point with a serving ace. The final point was one of the longest rallies of the game, with each Baron touching the ball and contributing to the final slam by Ashley McRae. Excellent passing by Blair Danies, Hannah Mathis, and Brittney Wade, along with the composure of setter Kira Hahn-Ventrell, was crucial in the win.

When the 16th point was scored, the gym erupted into applause as the girls ran into the middle of the court to celebrate their victory. The team hugged each other as tears swarmed their eyes.

When asked about the game, Senior Captain Marissa Sawicki said that “this win was like one I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been playing Volleyball for four years, and nothing compared to that game. It was a real defining moment for our team. We’ve proven to ourselves that when it comes down to it, we’re capable of coming together and pushing through. This is going to be our year, I just know it.”


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