Barbies in Real Life

By Lily Lester   What do you call an extremely disproportionate figure that makes young children feel badly about their bodies? If your answer was Barbie, congrats! You’re…

I’ll Get It Done

By Jack Kannapell A few weeks ago, over thanksgiving break, I was writing a paper on the Great Gatsby for my AP Language class when my aunt asked…

The Smoking Gun

There’s a saying out there that goes something like this: Is there really a difference between guns and cigarettes? The answer is simple –  guns fire and kill…

IB: A Program or a Product?

by Lena Auerbach Flash back to sixth grade. Sitting at square tables in squeaky chairs as our teachers handed us each a shiny new colored folder. We were…

Final Exams: Do We Want Them to Stay?

By Jack Kannapell I believe there are two times a year when stress levels among students nationwide are at their peak, causing many to have trouble studying for the…


Bethesda Brawlers

By Katarina Zelenakova “This year we have one of the […]

B-CC Blows Out Wheaton, Preparing for Whitman

By: Matt Cohen 2/1/16-Coming off a strong showing against the […]

B-CC Downs Wootton by Double Didgits

By: Matt Cohen 1/30/16-B-CC picked up its second straight win […]

Barons Get Back in the Win Column

By Matt Cohen 1/21/16-After dropping two straight games, the B-CC […]

Barons Get Blown Out By RM, Drop Second Straight

By: Matt Cohen 1/15/16-The Barons may have finally gotten the […]

Barons Fall in Heartbreaker

By: Matt Cohen 1/12/16- For just the third time this […]

Humor and Thereabout

Young Love

Killer in BCC (satire)

Fakeography: Ted Cruz

Trump America

The Red Corner: A column by Daniel Villar

The Greatest Threat on Earth

by D.A. Villar There are many things which can and […]

Cultural Ignorance Isn’t Confined to the Right

by D.A. Villar It is no secret that the left […]

Iberia: Home of the Lumpen

  by D.A. Villar   By any rational standard, the […]

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A Jack of All Trade

by Lena Auerbach B-CC is home to students with all different interests. There’s athletes, actors, musicians, artists, student government leaders, debaters, writers, set designers, and much more.…

Are White People Allowed to Have Dreads?

Are White People Allowed to Have Dreads?

By Sandra Lopez Almost six months ago, our fellow student Emma Stewart (‘18) took on the challenge of getting dreadlocks. Emma has recently started meditating, becoming more…

Field Hockey Gives Back

by Rachel Danegger As only a sophomore, varsity field hockey player Tory Silver has applied her leadership skills on and off the field for the B-CC team.…


Mr. Robinson: Teacher Turned Administrator

By Temuulen Tsedendorj This is Mr.Robinson’s thirteenth year at BCC High School, and he has had a tremendous time in the BCC community over the years. Mr. Sharif…

The Ornithologist in the B Hallway

The Ornithologist in the B Hallway

By Elliot Ginns…

Taylor’s Takes: Advice for a new year

Taylor’s Takes: Advice for a new year

Start the year with Care and Attention.…


Kat Sampson: Editor of the Daily Texan

Kat Sampson: Editor of the Daily Texan

By Spencer Sampson The Daily Texan is one of the most established newspapers in the country and is college-run, founded by the University of Texas at Austin.…

Baron Nation: Linda Epstein

Baron Nation: Linda Epstein

Senior photo editor for McClatchy-Tribune…

Baron Nation: Rachel Cohn

Baron Nation: Rachel Cohn

By Marnie Klein, Contributor Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s our fantastic English department, but B-CC has had a myriad of successfully published authors in the ranks of…

Music and Arts

All About Photography at B-CC

All About Photography at B-CC

by Sabrina Romviel Students in photography at B-CC don’t just learn how to take good photos. From developing black-and-white film to taking photos under water, the students…