Final Exams: Do We Want Them to Stay?

By Jack Kannapell I believe there are two times a year when stress levels among students nationwide are at their peak, causing many to have trouble studying for the…

Why Democrats Always Lose

By Nima Cheraghi Most people are unaware that on November 3rd  many states had a few off-season elections. Houston voted against a bill that would have protected LGBT people…

Is it Time to Change our Schedule?

By Iana Sahadzic   Time is money. Everyone knows that. The struggle to create an effective school day for students and teachers comes along each year. There just never seems…

When is the Right Time to Start SAT Prep?

By Tory Silver On October 14, students all across the nation sat down for four hours and took the PSAT. Over 1.5 million juniors and 1.8 million sophomores…

Too Much Studying, Not Enough Time

By Lindsay McNavage   Having too much homework is something any high school student can identify with. I certainly can attest to having too much to do in too…


Bryce Harper Wins 2015 MVP

By: Matt Cohen On Thursday November 19, 2015, Nationals right […]

Kansas City Wins World Series

By: Matt Cohen This year’s World Series featured the National […]

Are You Ready For Some B-Ball

By: Matt Cohen   Looking up at the clock.  7.3 […]

Georgetown Basketball Season Preview

By: Josh Byman D’vauntes Smith Rivera Ranked number 43 in […]

Legendary Coach Flip Saunders Passes Away

By: Matt Dubrow With over 1,000 career wins, and a […]

Cammy Three Ball

By: Ian Rosenblum Last year was a memorable time for […]

Humor and Thereabout

Killer in BCC (satire)

Fakeography: Ted Cruz

Trump America

Hippos, Friend or Foe?

The Red Corner: A column by Daniel Villar

The Greatest Threat on Earth

by D.A. Villar There are many things which can and […]

Cultural Ignorance Isn’t Confined to the Right

by D.A. Villar It is no secret that the left […]

Iberia: Home of the Lumpen

  by D.A. Villar   By any rational standard, the […]

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Field Hockey Gives Back

by Rachel Danegger As only a sophomore, varsity field hockey player Tory Silver has applied her leadership skills on and off the field for the B-CC team.…

Tosin Aroyewun- The Big 54

At about 5’10”, 250 pounds, Tosin Aroyewun is not what you would call a small or weak person. He’s the strong center for the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Football…

The Legend of the Poms

  The Legend of the Poms By: Sophia Saidi You’ve seen them at pep rallies and football games, you’ve heard about them around school; the infamous B-CC…


The Ornithologist in the B Hallway

The Ornithologist in the B Hallway

By Elliot Ginns…

Taylor’s Takes: Advice for a new year

Taylor’s Takes: Advice for a new year

Start the year with Care and Attention.…

Tribute to Ms. Kirk

Tribute to Ms. Kirk


Kat Sampson: Editor of the Daily Texan

Kat Sampson: Editor of the Daily Texan

By Spencer Sampson The Daily Texan is one of the most established newspapers in the country and is college-run, founded by the University of Texas at Austin.…

Baron Nation: Linda Epstein

Baron Nation: Linda Epstein

Senior photo editor for McClatchy-Tribune…

Baron Nation: Rachel Cohn

Baron Nation: Rachel Cohn

By Marnie Klein, Contributor Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s our fantastic English department, but B-CC has had a myriad of successfully published authors in the ranks of…